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The future of St. Paul depends on our ability to ensure our communities thrive. The issues that we face are bigger than any one person or neighborhood can tackle; The city is gentrifying. Rents and mortgages are becoming unaffordable. Small businesses are closing. And city services are declining despite double-digit tax increases. Our local government should be accessible - yet I continually hear from residents that no one is listening. We need a leader who will represent the people, hold the city accountable, and fight for our communities. Together, we can start dismantling the systemic problems that hinder our forward progress ensuring that we have a completely transparent city government. One that not only listens to the people it represents but takes action by implementing community-based solutions. This is a grass-roots campaign; for the people and fueled by the people. We are not taking any special interest funding or PAC money. We need more elected representatives whose only goal is to fight for the people they are representing, especially those who are historically left out of the conversation. 

Multiple disparities still exist that prevent members of our community and city from receiving equal access to things like basic public services; opportunities for education and employment advancement; affordable housing that is readily accessible and connected to transportation hubs; and easy access to amenities and arts.


As our city continues to grow and diversify, it is imperative that our policies, initiatives, and visions are inclusive and beneficial for everyone – renters and homeowners; employers and employees; cultures and communities; students and teachers; and the future generations that will call St. Paul their home. 


It's time to put people back over politics.

My Story

On patrol in Afghanistan. 2012. Tarrence completed roughly 280 missions during this deployment - earning a Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge for engaging in direct enemy combat. 

Use of photos of Tarrence in uniform  does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

Julia & Tarrence

I was born and raised on Minnesota's Iron Range in a working-class blue-collar family. In 2005, I found myself struggling to make ends meet and having a desire to expand my possibilities so I enlisted in the Army. This provided me the opportunity to go to college where I decided to enroll in the ROTC program and received my commission as an Officer in the Minnesota Army National Guard upon graduation. 


Over the last 14 years in the military, I’ve learned that being a good leader requires compassion, empathy, drive, ambition, and a willingness to put the needs of others before your own. The experiences I  have gained during my service to our community and country are invaluable. 

During my first deployment to Afghanistan, lives were literally at stake in plans I developed, missions I led, and the decisions that I made. The pressure to do the job right doesn’t get any higher than that.


As an openly transgender man, I have risked my own career on numerous occasions speaking out publicly on local and national issues that continue to oppress diverse communities. I would rather go down fighting than be silently complicit. Throughout my life, I have taken on seemingly insurmountable battles (personal and professional) and have developed a thorough understanding of the social and economic disparities that our underserved and underprivileged communities face as a result of misguided and harmful policies. 


I will not accept inaction for political gain.

Effective leaders push boundaries and are open to hearing ideas from anyone, regardless of their position or influence. Unlike others, I do not make decisions based on what is best for my career, but rather, what is best for the people I lead and the causes I represent. I have never had the luxury of not getting a job done because a task seems too difficult, a timeline is too short, or the path ahead has never been paved. I am a leader and when it gets tough, I dig in and fight. 


Today, my wife Julia and I are proud residents of Saint Paul living along Marshall Avenue. Our family is very diverse with my wife being a proud Mexican-American, and a first-generation college graduate that recently became a Registered Nurse. We have both dedicated our lives to serving others - a passion which we share equally. 


Those I have served with always say that they would “follow me into battle any day,” - THAT is the best compliment I could ever hope to receive and speaks to my character as a person, mentor, friend, and leader. I will fight the tough battles for real progress, just as I have done all of my life and represent us all to drive Saint Paul into a better future that provides equal opportunities for all. 



Let's Put People Back Over Politics


To build a more equitable community we must invest in revitalization efforts that are holistic and supportive of our growing and diversifying city.



Protecting and investing in green spaces and environmental protection initiatives improves public health and the vibrancy of our communities.

Our local businesses are vital to the health and vibrancy of our economy and neighborhoods and is directly connected to building community wealth across our city. 

Equal access to affordable housing starts with fair and inclusive policies to ensure people can afford to pay their rent.

 Transportation, services, and amenities must be equally distributed among our neighborhoods to support proper density and the needs of all members in the community. 

Adequate access to education and employment is vital to ensuring we can maintain an educated and skilled workforce that can - not just survive - but thrive. 

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